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For the son of a working-class American, it is hard to go against my opponents with their big donors. That's why I need your help. Please consider donating. Any amount you can spare is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!

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Why I am Running for Office

  1. Inflation is too high. Washington needs to get its act together and bring inflation levels down so that the American worker no longer suffers from these surging prices. 

  2. President Biden promised me a moderate and bipartisan presidency, and yet Congress is more divided and partisan than ever. I want to go to Congress and work across the aisle and work for the American people.

  3. The ongoing war in Ukraine. Every day I see the faces of Ukrainians bravely fighting to defend their country, their democracy, and their liberty. We need to make sure that our next representative is someone committed to all global democracies, and ready to stand with all freedom-loving nations against tyranny. 

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Why Your Vote Matters

Given the current state of the nation, we need someone in office who is willing to stand up for the people and ready to put party politics aside. Dean Gandley is beholden to NO ONE except to the people in the First Congressional District. We need a person ready to work across the aisle in order to ensure that ALL PEOPLE in the First District are represented and that their needs are met.


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